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Online Backup

Backup tools for every business.

We've integrated the award-winning versatility of our home backup solution with sophisticated online management capabilities to deliver an unmatched business backup feature set.

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  • Backup that never rests, CrashPlan PRO backs up changed information as often as every minute and continues to watch for changes to data in real-time.
  • Keep as many as you want, CrashPlan retains more versions of newer files and fewer versions over time. You can easily adjust the number of backup versions being retained to meet your retention requirements.
  • Your online control tower, Manage backups for other users according to backup policies and preferences that make sense for your company. Specify which files can be backed up and which ones can't. Use the Dashboard to view real-time status for computer backup, storage and restore activity at a glance.
  • Never be out of the loop, No news is good news. Unless you hear otherwise, you can relax knowing that your backup health is solid. CrashPlan PRO regularly monitors and verifies backup archive health, so when a problem that prevents backups is detected, CrashPlan PRO lets you know about it. Receive reports and notifications about backup health, storage use and user backup activity and status.
  • Safe in the cloud, When you back up to PRO Cloud, your data is stored in one of several data centers around the world. Our data centers comply with the strictest security standards and conform to industry best practices for power redundancy, cooling and protection symptoms.
  • Restore anytime, anywhere, When you lose a file, just open CrashPlan PRO to restore it. If you need a file while you're away from the office, you can log in to your online account through your laptop or a mobile device with a web browser and restore your files.
  • Customizable backup sets, When you have different groups of files that you want sent to different destinations or with different backup settings, you can create backup sets. You'll have more choices about where to back up and how backups take place. Manage your backup down to individual files.
  • Enterprise-DNA, CrashPlan PRO provides the same high QoS that enterprises demand, ensuring high throughput, minimal latency and no dropped packets. In addition, your data will be backed up onto enterprise-grade drives in our data centers, with the same power and system redundancy as our CrashPlan enterprise customers.
  • Always up-to-date, For as long as you have a CrashPlan PRO subscription, the CrashPlan PRO software and CrashPlan PRO Online will automatically update whenever there is a new release. CrashPlan PRO even automatically updates all the users in your company.
  • Better security, CrashPlan PRO uses 448-bit Blowfish encryption, one of the most robust encryption methods available. The Blowfish code has never been cracked since its release in 1993. And 448-bit encryption keys provide an encryption strength that is 2.1x1096 times stronger than a 128-bit key. Now that’s secure.

About us

BITS bv is owned by William Lagerberg and operated on Bonaire by Marc Kooij. William also owns the companies Elcatronics, Elcanet 

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Netherlands BV and Elcanet Bonaire.

William already operates his business for over25 years in The Netherlands and in 2006 he fell in love on the island of Bonaire. He dessited to start a Bonaire business with Elcanet and April 2010 Gijs and Hanny (former owners of BITS) contacted William and talked about a sale for BITS because Gijs and Hanny where to busy with other projecgts and companies on Bonaire and Holland

Marc Kooij already operated Elcanet Bonaire for William and he is the main contact on Bonaire for BITS clients & prospects. Marc has over 20 years of experience in the IT business.

When needed, any number of specialists can be added to this team, for example for e-commerce websites, databases or CMS-systems.






Our Services

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Webdesign / graphics
  • Corporate design
  • Database websites
  • E-commerce websites
  • CMS-systems
  • Internet marketing
  • Website exploitation
  • Search engine optimalization
  • Domain name registration
  • Website hosting & e-mail facilities

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